Collect latex

The latex resulting from old heveas of more than 5 years is collected in a small container which is emptied manually and transported up to the point of storage.

Washing and rinsing

The film latex undergoes a certain number of washings and rinsings in order to eliminate a maximum of chemical and proteinic allergens thus making it possible to obtain products with weak, even very weak allergenicity.


Steeping in the latex bath

After carefully having washed, dried and preheated the phallic porcelain moulds of form, one soaks them in the liquid latex bath. The operation of coagulation is carried out (taken in mass of the rubber particles). This stage, the film out of latex is in gelled form.



The final properties of latex, namely elasticity and resistance, are obtained by the operation called vulcanization which is carried out by the passage of the coated shapes of the film latex in furnaces of cooking heated at a temperature rising between 50° C and 120° C.

After this first passage in the furnace, the moulds are plunged in a second latex bath and pass by again then in a second furnace.


Beading Machine

The moulds pass then in a machine which will form the collar at the base of the condom. At this stage, the film out of latex is always in gelled form. The moulds go then to a last furnace for drying and vulcanization.


Washing and release from the mould

The moulds pass in a filter to be cleaned there. The film latex is again washed and taken out from the mould by water jet.


Drying and unit packaging

The condoms are then dried, rolled and coated with a lubricant. They are conditioned with the unit under welded sachet, by thermal closing.



Control (see the process)

Throughout manufacture, strict and regular controls are carried out in order to obtain a uniform quality. All the defective products are withdrawn.


Conditioning of the finished product

Condoms SMILE are packed by boxes of 3, 6 or 12. Once conditioned in their multipack, the condoms are then placed in boxes of 144 units, also called “gross". Other packaging are available at customer's request