Each batch of condoms Sourire-Smile, Golden Smile, Fun & Smile and Ibstissama is rigorously tested before its marketing. Not only at the factory, which itself, is several times inspected per annum from the "ground to the ceiling" by various organisms in charge of the control of the various standards (EC, NF, WHO, US etc), but also here in Belgium, at the request of the customer, by SGS Laboratoires SIMON.
The tests are as follows:

Check that the condoms have necessary dimensions (longueur/largor) in accordance with the standard applied.

Physical integrity (free from holes):
the condom is filled with a solution saltworks then immersed in a container also containing the same solution. One then sends an electrical current of 10 V which make it possible to detect the presence or not of perforations (a condom which does not have perforation acts like an insulator and does not allow the electrical current to pass)


Tension before and after ageing:
this test consists in taking a sample ring of 20 mm from the condom. This sample is then stretches until the rupture in order to measure elasticity and the force with the rupture (median values imposed by the standard: force with the rupture > = 39 newtons - elongation at fracture > = 700%). These tests also include a treatment the drying oven with 70° during 48 H intended to simulate the effect of a normal storage in order to make sure that the mechanical properties of the condom remain satisfactory after storage.


the principle is to inflate the condom with air and to record volume and the pressure at the time of the bursting. The volume of bursting should not be lower than 18 liters and the pressure of bursting should not be lower than 1,0 kPa.

To determine the quantity of lubricant


Stability of the colors (for the coloured condoms)
the principle consists to completely wet the condom coloured with distilled water and to then wrap it in white paper absorbing. After a given time, one examines paper in order to detect possible dischargings.


packing used should not let pass more than 2,5% of U.V. for a wavelength of 380 Nm.
The multipack and individual packing are examined in order to make sure that all the legal texts are present.