For the pleasure of the eyes, here some old engravings and boxes used at the beginning 20th sciècle.

We advise you the reading of the book of Vincent Vidal, "the Condom - 100 questions/réponses ", published in the Alternate Editions (1996) - ISBN 2 86227 092 X

William Hogarth

If this "light" woman touched by a venereal disease, has on her table of the condoms, it is before very protecting her future customers

Engraving of William Hogarth (1697-1764)

Satirical drawing due to Gillray, illustrating a sale of English objects into 1786 in the Eastern Indies. In front of the appraiser, a package containing of the condoms with the inscription "for the uses of the Supreme Council" (for the use of the Supreme Council) Gillray
François Grenier Signed engraving François Attic (1793-1867) raised colors and of decency at the XIXe century under the title "Prudence is mother of safety", then taken again, always with XIXe, like decorations at the bottom of a "small box with secrecy"

Gros Millan
Publicity of Gros Millan for its
" house of confidence" founded in 1780

Catalogue Excelsior
"textured" models extracted the catalogue "Excelsior" of 1908
Emballage début 20e siècle
Two rare packing of the beginning of the 20th century
Fine bonnet the "of century" also called cap or American End covered only the nipple. Here a model of 1908


The fish-bladder deposited in 1910 fact with the air pocket which makes it possible fish to go up on the surface.

Very rare box of the years 1920 with small pockets of condoms decorated with a pinup
Boîte Caravan
Boîte Golden Pheasant
Boîte Ramses
American boxes of the years 1940
out of paperboard or metal