Mr. Roland Pétré - Director
Avenue Jules Bordet 68 - 1140 Brussels/Belgium
Such +32 2 726 68 02 - Fax +32 2 726 70 45
E-mail: smile.condoms@skynet.be


Created in 1988, A.B.A. Smile & Health initially were active in the trade of compensation before launching out in 1991 in the medical products and more specifically in the condoms.
With the recording in 1991 of our mark "Sourire-Smile" and later "Smile/Ibtissama" for the Arab markets, we were the first to promote a positive approach of the condoms for the prevention of the diseases sexually transmissible and the pregnancy.
Our marketing directed towards the young people radically changes the image current of the condom, which usually means "protection", "fold on oneself" and which symbolizes the imcompatibility of a gesture of love.

A communicaiton without taboo nor vulgarity, which associates humour and the prevention, allows to people of esprimer themselves, easily and with more freedom on this very significant subject.

Our "Smile" is sold in more than 30 countries directly or through our customers we were selected not only for our marketing but also for our quality ISO4074:2002 and of course our very good prices.